Mauro Perucchetti Models “Modern Heroes” after Famous Sculptures

by CaroPosted on

Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti is instantly recognizable for his eye catching colored resin figures. Among these, one series in particular stands out for its stark contemporary twist on well known sculptures. Perucchetti describes his “Modern Heroes” series as classic-pop, fiberglass re-imaginaings of works by master artists like Michaelangelo and Auguste Rodin. In his statement, Peruchetti writes that he “unites Pop aesthetics with social comment to address some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society in a way that is subtle and accessible, without being trite, shocking or obscure.” Since May of this year, “Modern Heroes” has been featured at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Modeled after classical white marble sculpture, the installation features a seductive pairing of Superman and Batman. This week, Perucchetti unveiled a new piece in West Hollwood Park, a female version of Michaelangelo’s David. Titled “Michelangelo 2020: A Tribute to Women”, she is a fiberglass sculpture meant to embody the strength of the female form and raise her up from an underdog, as David once was. Based on a male figure, the result is a gender-bending image that also projects confidence to all sexualities. Take a look at more of Perucchetti’s “Modern Heroes” below.

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