Artists Merge Nature and Fantasy for Upcoming “Unnatural Histories 4” Show

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Nicomi Nix Turner

For centuries, the wonders of the natural world have inspired artists to create fantasy, and since the Middle Ages, have applied legendary characteristics to animals. For the fourth year in a row, Antler Gallery in Portland has invited artists to join in this tradition of creating their own mythical creatures inspired by nature. “Unnatural Histories 4” will highlight whimsical new works by Lisa Ericson, Jeff P., Jon Mcnair, Erika Sanada, Josh Keyes, Peter Gronquist, Josie Morway, Brin Levinson, Jessica Joslin, Matt Linares, Aunia Kahn, Nicomi Nix Turner, Derek Nobbs, Juliana Swaney, Alex Louisa, Keith Carter, Jennifer Parks, Neil M. Perry, Morgaine Faye, Susannah Kelly, Siolo Thompson, Erich J. Moffit, Ben Kehoe, Hanna Jaeun, Amy Ruppel, Vanessa Foley, and Corey Urlacher. Some enhance the ethereal beauty of common animals, like Vanessa Foley’s realistic portraits of birds, while others apply mythical connotation to them, as in Lisa Ericson’s fairy-winged mice. In previous years, we’ve featured their completed artworks, but today we’d like to feature their work in progress.

“Unnatural Histories” 4 will be on view from September 24th through October 26th at Antler Gallery in Portland.

Vanessa Foley

Lisa Ericson

Alex Louisa

Brin Levinson

Hanna Jaeun

Erich J. Moffitt

Josh Keyes

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