La Luz de Jesus Turns Coasters into Art for a Third Time

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Scott Hove

Next Friday, La Luz de Jesus gallery in Hollywood will dot their walls with thousands of coasters for the third year in a row. As most artists will tell you, it is the smallest works that are the most challenging to create. In the case of the Coaster Show, where the coasters measure 4″ inches round, they require confidence in one’s technique and precision. Their sizes aren’t the only aspect of the show that is small. The affordability of the works attracted hundreds of fans to last year’s show, who scrambled to get a piece by one of their favorite artists. This year, that list includes well-known names alongside emerging talents: Adnohia, Patricia Ariel, Syd Bee, Jason Brammer, Andrew Brandou, Michael Brandrup, Katherine Brannock, Megan Buccerre, Kristin Bunyard, Catherine Casias, Adrian Cherry, Jel Ena, Jeff Gillette, Mark Gleason, Joe Hengst, Scott Hove, Yumiko Kayukawa, Kohshin Finley, Yu Maeda, Caitlin McCormack, Scott Mills, Paige, Jiyoung Moon, Naoshi, Peca, Skinner, Christopher Yousseff, and AJ Dungo, featured below. From Naoshi’s vibrant illustrations drawn in colored sand, to Scott Hove’s miniature snarling cakes, to Peca’s images of fairytale animals in outer space, their works are playful, frightening, experimental and surprising in their execution. To see every single coaster, you can go to La Luz’s website or check out the show when it opens on September 4th.


Patricia Ariel

Syd Bee

Jason Brammer

Andrew Brandou

Michael Brandrup

Katherine Brannock

Megan Buccerre

Kristin Bunyard

Kristin Bunyard

Catherine Casias

Adrian Cherry

Jel Ena

Jeff Gillette

Mark Gleason

Joe Hengst

Yumiko Kayukawa

Kohshin Finley

Yu Maeda

Caitlin McCormack

Scott Mills

Paige Jiyoung Moon




Christopher Yousseff

AJ Dungo

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