Crystal Wagner Builds Colorful Crepe-paper Playscape in Singapore

by CaroPosted on

Philadelphia based artist Crystal Wagner recently exhibited a colorful new installation at the National Museum of Singapore. “Wanderlust” is a site-specific piece that she created for the museum’s “Masak Masak 2015” exhibition, a part of their ‘season of the children’ celebrations. Previously covered here on our blog, Wagner’s largescale works are attention grabbing for her choice of curious and unconventional materials including paper, chicken wire, and tablecloths. Measuring a massive 70 feet long, her new piece is made out of pliable materials such as crepe paper and wire, from which she shaped tunnels for children to play in and crawl through. The title of the piece refers to their strong desire to wander and explore, and here, Wagner offers them an enchanting playscape for them to discover. At her website, she shares a simple wish for those who encounter it: “be actively curious about the world you live in”. Take a look at photos of “Wanderlust” below, courtesy of the artist.

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