Parbo Contrasts Life and Death in Bizarre Multimedia Works

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“Hypnotic Circle”, acrylic on canvas, 2015

Argentinian artist Lucas Lasnier, aka “Parbo”, creates colorful works spanning graphic design, painting, and large scale installations, but he began his career painting street art in Buenos Aires. Parbo is also a founding member of the Kid Gaucho artist collective, previously covered here. His recent works take influence from his roots in letter-based graffiti and stenciling combined with comics and Pop Surrealism. In his acrylic painting series titled “Perceptions”, Parbo juxtaposes living forms, like vibrantly-colored plants, with symbols of death, such as draped skulls, arranged in various patterns. His subjects are rendered with realistic detail but made surreal by their bizarre surroundings inspired by the artist’s daydreams. They are often caught in a current of cartoony red liquid with various symbols like prisms and 5-pointed stars. He personalizes these motifs, which have historical religious and mythological meaning, regularly using them in his murals and red pencil drawings.  Parbo has said that he aims to contrast the struggles of life and death with both simple and complex imagery.

“Life Balance III”, acrylic on canvas, 2014

“Life Balance IV”, acrylic on canvas, 2014

“The Doors of Perception – STORM”, red pencil, 2014

Mural painting in Barrio de Colegiales, Argentina, 2014

Mural painting in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, 2015

“Inside Journey” triptych, acrylic on canvas, 2015

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