Dave Kinsey Presents Geometric Landscapes in “The Modern Condition”

by CaroPosted on

Los Angeles based artist Dave Kinsey (HF Vol. 13) will debut geometric landscapes in his upcoming solo exhibition with FFDG Gallery in San Francisco on Friday. In “The Modern Condition”, Kinsey continues to walk the line between the natural world and his abstract perceptions of it. His exhibit features 9 acrylic and collage works on canvas that portray boldly colored giant figures and structures erupting from a barren environment. These images are an expansion from his previous showing with the gallery, “Cushion of Memory”, where Kinsey took inspiration from his west coast surroundings. “The most difficult thing about creating a painting is going through the process of finding a connection in what I see and feel in the world around me, while also seeking a visual harmony between the beauty and chaos of the human experience,” he shares. The ‘modern condition’ is sometimes characterised as a culture stripped of its capacity to function in any linear state. With these visually layered pieces, Kinsey seems to search for a link between our understanding of our existence with that of the world around us. Take a look at some of the work in the show below.

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