Jung-Yeon Min’s Latest Illustrations of Graphical and Surreal Worlds

by CaroPosted on

Paris-based Korean artist Jung-yeon Min (first covered here) draws fantastic and organic landscapes from her imagination. Jung-yeon self-describes her personality as “eccentric”, relying heavily on her bizarre visions, a combination of science and dreams. Working primarily in hand-drawn pen and ink, her images play on concepts of scale and juxtaposition between peace and turbulence, fantasy and reality. Her subjects include loose reinterpretations of her own form, morphing with others such as animals, trees, and mysterious dotted structures that recall the art of Yayoi Kusama. In this sense, many of her illustrations could be seen as a sort of self portraiture. Other pieces portray animals like polar bears and small children immersed in undulating surroundings that resemble clouds and entrails. Her newer illustrations are among her most simple in terms of color and composition, focusing on more graphical elements.

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