Cannon Dill Paints His Largest Mural to Date in Oakland

by CaroPosted on

Cannon Dill (previously featured here) recently completed his largest mural to date in Oakland, California. The mural is a part of the Artist Initiative Project that features murals by local artists, curated by bay area gallery Athen B. Gallery and VSCO. Dill’s is located on the side of an office that provides services to people renting and buying homes, which inspired him to create a sense of community. The artist is perhaps most recognized for his highly stylized street art of animals like foxes, wolves and birds. His new mural portrays a floating orb where there is a neighborhood of small houses being built by nesting birds, a reference to the tight knit community within Oakland. It is representative of his latest work which plays on movement, as in his fluid line work, and the concept of connectivity, such as between people and nature.

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