Toni Hamel Expresses Environmental Concerns in Subdued Illustrations

by CaroPosted on

Italian born, Ontario based artist Toni Hamel describes her work as “an illustrated commentary on human frailties”. Working with oil and latex on canvas as her preferred medium, Hamel’s subdued illustrations draw from her personal experience and observations of life in Canada. In her most recent series, “Land of Id”, she makes subtle commentary about how we treat and misuse our environment and the effects of our actions. The series portrays both good and bad interactions such as deforestation, narwhal hunting, and Arbour Day, a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Hamel reiterates her point of view through the use of satire and symbolism, as in her portrait of a gray whale branded with the Seaworld park logo. By presenting images with a light temperament, she hopes her work might positively inspire a change in our behavior.

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