Chalk Artist Leon Keer Draws Playful Optical Illusions on the Street

by CaroPosted on

There’s a secret to looking at Dutch chalk artist Leon Keer’s whimsical largescale drawings on the street. At ground level, one might mistake his puddle of melting gummy bears mourning their friend, ghosts chasing Pacman through a maze, or the excavation of a terracotta army of lego-men for abstract works of art. As in his latest piece created for the Malta Street Art Festival in July, which can only be seen from 10 meters high, you have to be in just the “right” spot. His mind bending optical illusions have appeared all over the world earning him nicknames in the media like “Chalk king” and a modern day master of his craft. With the playfulness of a child’s sidewalk drawing, Keer designs and produces images featuring candy, toys and magical landscapes that express more serious, environmental concerns. His choice of using chalk is an intentional one for its impermanence. Impeccably rendered, the appearance of his work on the street forces us to take a longer look and appreciate what surrounds us, or we just might miss it.

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