Brian Spolans Creates Dimensional Illustrations of Fictional Worlds

by CaroPosted on

Southeast Michigan based artist Brian Spolans has a keen interest in the complex relationships between individuals and their societies and ecosystems. There is a narrative to be found in the way we interact with our surroundings. Titled “Dimensional”, his latest series of dimensional mixed media illustrations portrays mountainous fictional worlds bustling with small creatures. The series is an exploration of materials ranging from print making, acrylic, pen and ink, and pencil drawings that sit on custom made shelves. By displaying his illustrations upright like a Pop-up book, Spolans emphasizes the depth and layers of his characters’ exchanges with their environment. Looking a bit like the character “Max” in Where the Wild Things Are, they have origins in a story about a teenager trapped in a white bear suit, which they still wear today. They are tasked with all aspects of serving their civilization; working together to solve problems like building shelter, agriculture, transportation, and the development of technology. As pointed out in a billboard in one piece, they are kept perpetually “busy”.

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