Deedee Cheriel Presents Mixed Media Works Inspired by India in “Natural Resource”

by CaroPosted on

Since becoming a mother, artist Deedee Cheriel has considered how to bring more positivity into the world with her art. Her upcoming exhibition at KP Projects/MKG in Los Angeles, “Natural Resource”, combines her folk art and spiritual influences with new experiences of family life. In theme, the exhibit seems to pick up where she left off with her previous spiritually inspired show, “In Search for More Than Another Shiny Object”. Covered here, those paintings explored the enlightenment of meditation and prayer. Her new series of mixed media works expands on this to include temple imagery and mythological characters from the artist’s native India. Among them are Kinnara-like figures, half-woman and half-bird, representing devotion. The Kinnaras can also sing, play the flute and dance with soft movements of the body. Working in a wider range of colors, Cheriel portrays her motherly subjects attending to their children and families with mutual love and tenderness. In a broader sense, one could also see them as an expression of the artist’s own affections for her motherland. Cheriel’s images incorporate the things that she most cherishes in life; love, family, song and dance, animals, and nature.

“Natural Resource” by Deedee Cheriel will be on view, alongside new works by Todd Carpenter, at KP Projects/MKG from August 1st through August 29th.

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