Cal Redback’s Unsettling Photographs of People Fused with Nature

by CaroPosted on

For his latest series, French photographer and digital artist Cal Redback has created slightly unsettling portraits of people fused with nature. Many of his subjects are inspired by those of fantasy and horror, as in his version of “Treebeard” of The Lord of the Rings or “Hellraiser”. Redback adds a plant-like appearance to his own characters by photographing them and then digitally manipulating the image in Photoshop. Botanicals sprout from their cheeks and eye sockets in beautiful and sometimes painful looking displays, even more alarming by their casual demeanor. In this hybrid form, his subjects almost become a missing link between nature and modern day culture, when we have become increasingly out of touch with the natural world. Redback’s photographs seem to express the romantic notion of reunifying people with their environment, so that we would once again feel at home in the world.

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