The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones in Glenn Barr’s “Pit of the Id”

by CaroPosted on

This weekend, Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10) is celebrating his second solo exhibition with Cotton Candy Machine gallery in Brooklyn, titled “Pit of the Id.” His previous showing with the gallery was in 2012, covered here, which depicted cute space faring girls and robotic monsters in his signature nostalgic style. In a new series of small wood on panel paintings and drawings, Barr continues to explore this futuristic universe he has created in a playful way. His works feature cameos from 60s sitcom cartoon characters like “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones”. Although portraying two-dimensional characters, Barr creates depth in his images with dark receding colors and deep hues. All grown-up and slightly disheveled, they reappear here in seedy re-imaginings of their animated worlds (Fact: there was no underwear in prehistoric times). Ever wonder what happened to Judy Jetson? In Barr’s painting “At the Vanity”, she is now a platinum blonde striptease who chain smokes between lap dances. They seem to fit right in with his portraits of female cosmonauts, biker babes, and bored Playboy bunny waitresses.

“Pit of the Id” by Glenn Barr is now on view at Cotton Candy Machine gallery in Brooklyn through August 9th.

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