Patricia Piccinini Brings Her Hyperreal Creatures to Galway International Arts Festival

by CaroPosted on

Patricia Piccinini, “The Long Awaited 2008” silicone, fibreglass, human hair, plywood, leather, clothing

Patricia Piccinini is an Australian artist known for her unsettling sculptures of hyperrealistic hybrid creatures. Her work began as a review of biotechnology such as genetic manipulation, but has developed an emotional context over the years. For example, in her sculpture “The Long Awaited”, Piccinini seeks to form a relationship between the creatures and viewer on an empathetic level. The piece is currently on display in her exhibit “Relativity”, the first major survey of the artist’s sculptural works in Europe coinciding with Galway International Arts Festival. The festival also marks the return of her “Skywhale” hot air balloon (featured here). It is a flying nipple-ly creature with udders in the place of wings which, Piccinini imagines, contain lighter-than-air gas. Through July 19th, the balloon is scheduled to carry passengers up to 3,000 feet over Galway. “Relativity” by Patricia Piccinini will be on view at Galway International Arts Festival in Galway, Ireland through July 26th.

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