David Stoupakis & Menton3 Present Works Inspired by Mythology in “The Kindly Ones”

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In Greek mythology, “the Kindly Ones”, also known as Furies, are female deities or goddesses of vengeance from the underworld. They were tasked with pursuing people who have done evil and justifying their horrific crimes, making them equal sides of good and bad. Furies are the inspiration behind “The Kindly Ones” by artists David Stoupakis and Menton3, which opened over the weekend at Last Rites Gallery. Both artists are recognized for their haunting oil paintings that combine visuals of beauty with dark themes. We first featured Stoupakis in HF Vol. 5, who reflects on his Catholic upbringing and the positive and negative aspects of the stories he heard while growing up as one of his biggest influences. His Furie often appears as a ghostly veiled beauty, brought into the modern world with a gothic fashion forward sensibility. Her face is young looking and usually shies away from the viewer, softening the character to one that is more meditative. His is not the deliberately evil monster described by myth. Menton3’s Furies are also contemporary in appearance. Dark haired and white eyed with bright colored makeup, they gaze directly at the viewer in a way that is magnetizing and intimidating. Unlike Stoupakis’ more romanticized imagery, there is no denying them as punishers of their victims as they rise to the call of duty in scenes of evocation. “The Kindly Ones” by David Stoupakis and Menton3 is now on view at Last Rites gallery through August 15th.

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