Naoto Hattori Portrays Cosmic Deities in His Upcoming Exhibition “Genesis”

by CaroPosted on

New York-based artist Naoto Hattori, first featured in HF Vol. 7 and most recently, HF Vol. 35, creates dreamy paintings that are snap shots from his visionary world. It is there in the private recesses of his consciousness where his subjects thrive, he says. Opening July 18th, Hattori’s next exhibition at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles titled “Genesis” delves even deeper into the artist’s mind – where we dare to think about our creation and place in the universe. For his previous showing, “REM”, covered here, we saw Hattori using more earthy tones and geometric detailing in his surrealistc portraits. He continues this treatment in new acrylic on wood paintings, as in his rendering of skin that has the translucence of soft tissue, but with chiseled wood carving-like patterns. His patterns have also been described as “henna-like,” graphical designs that counteract the realism in each piece. This is because Hattori’s subjects are not intended as real people but representations of his own stream of thought, memories, and eternity personified. He embodies these themes as child-like deities and womanly goddesses, with the blissful spirit of someone looking up at the stars for the first time.  Take a look at our preview of “Genesis” below, courtesy of the artist.

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