Digital Artist Sarah DeRemer Creates Dreamy Photo Manipulations of Animals

by CaroPosted on

Born in Los Angeles and now based in Korea, artist Sarah DeRemer has gone viral with her bizarre photo manipulations of animals. Her witty creations combine animals with everything from balloons to fruits and vegetables, as in “Animal Food,” her first major series. Her next and most recent project, “Surreal Experiments” takes her concept into the surreal realm, where we find hybrid creatures in a black and white Dalí-inspired world. DeRemer has practiced “animal hybridizing” since she decided to take up Photoshop while working as a vet technician. It was then that she realized the potential appeal of juxtaposing realistic looking images with fantasy. She is not the first artist to put these elements together, but she does it in a way that taps into our subconscious. Some of her work is, frankly, scary to look at. There are scenes of water buffalo melting into puddles and a camel-turned-walking mountain scape, its humps replaced by jagged, snowy peaks. Other images are much more playful, such as a giant manatee peering through a living room window. It is a series that inspires both dreams and nightmares. First featured on our instagram, take a look at more photos from Sarah DeRemer’s “Surreal Experiments” below.

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