Studio Visit: Twoone Shares New Sculptural Works and Acrylic Sheet Paintings

by CaroPosted on

Twoone, featured here, is a multidisciplinary Japanese artist currently living and working in Berlin perhaps most recognized for his animal portraits. His latest works, which he will debut in an open studio event, explore a range of new themes like psychology, anthropology, and the structure of nature, all inspired by his memories. We got to visit his studio ahead of the crowd last week, where we went behind the scenes of his process. At the moment, Twoone is experimenting with a new material – acrylic pieces that are displayed in a light box format. The artist chose this application for the cool, sharp feel of the fluorescent light which counteracts his loose aesthetic. One of these pieces, “The Fern,” is a painting on a clear sheet of acrylic, made with spray paint which Twoone then smudges with his hands and fingers. When a light is lit from behind the piece, it enhances the brush strokes and mimics the plant’s original fragility and luminance. Inspired by a hike Twoone took in Tasmania, this image is significant because it is the first still life subject of his new painting method.  Other works in progress include a large flag-like fabric piece painted with gold leaf, featuring a skull and Hydrogen Atom motifs, and a plaster bust of an eagle pierced by two arrows. Twoone shares, “I think I still have a clear subject for my paintings, but I feel like the abstract elements have become stronger in my new works. Hence, there is more free movement, and confident brush and spray strokes are appearing. Also, this reflects in my sculpture work too. I feel like there is more bold decision making in my new sculpture, such as arrows going though.” Take a look at more photos from Twoone’s studio below, courtesy of the artist.

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