Drew Leshko Preserves Daily Urban Life in Paper Sculptures

by CaroPosted on

We live in a society that is constantly upgrading and disposing of the past, something Philadelphia based artist Drew Leshko aims to preserve. With a skilled attention to detail, Leshko miniaturizes the places, vehicles, and machines he encounters into paper sculptures. Recent subjects have included a local strip bar, his grandfather’s 80s camper, iceboxes, and even dumpsters, all replicated to 1:12 standard dollhouse scale with accuracy in cut archival paper and wood. He highlights these symbols of urban life in hopes others can begin to appreciate their every day surroundings. Buildings that are in a state of decay or on the cusp of redevelopment are the ones that catch his eye the most, which he describes as architectural “relics”. It is the theme behind his current exhibition “Relics,” on view at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA). Here, Leshko encourages viewers to consider the historical significance of their own neighborhoods, whether culturally or on a more personal level. Take a look at more of Drew Leshko’s paper sculptures below.

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