KiSung Koh Paints Enchanting New Visions in Tribute to Nature

by CaroPosted on

Toronto-based KiSung Koh’s lifelong enchantment with the wild is evident in his entire body of work. His images (previously featured here) of realistic animals in dreamy environments, primarily in oil on wood or canvas, are painted in tribute to them. Born and raised in a small town in South Korea, Koh has been surrounded by nature from early in his life. At his website, he recalls a moment from his childhood that changed the way he looked at animals forever: “While having a nice walk, I had a chance to see a deer family very close. I can’t explain how I felt at the time because it’s unspeakable. It was just truly amazing. It’s probably easier to say that I saw not only deer, but also beautiful spirits around them. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than when you actually see a wild animal in nature. However, we rarely see them where they are supposed to be and just don’t know how amazing they are to be alive.” Koh’s memories are what lend to the surrealistic quality of his work. Like the spirits that accompanied those deer, a mysterious blue glow sometimes spills into his scenery. In this mystical place he has created, Koh offers them a sanctuary. Later this month, he will contribute a new piece to the upcoming group show “AEA Summer Reading List” at Arch Enemy Arts. Take a look at more of his latest pieces below.

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