Debbie Han’s Photographs Bring Neoclassical Beauties to Life

by CaroPosted on

Korean-American multimedia artist Debbie Han tackles the standard of beauty in her photographs of Neoclassical women. Using photographic manipulation, she combines Greek sculpture with her own subjects to make this parallel. The resulting images bring to life familiar figures to any museum-goer, but bubbling with their own personalities and a special bond, like close girlfriends. Han’s work not only makes us think twice about the perception of beauty, but also explores issues of race, culture and identity. For example, her series “Color Graces,” based on Neoclassical depictions of The Three Graces, juxtaposes multi-racial bodies with classical Greek heads. Here, Han rejects the marble-white of the original sculptures by digitally producing the same texture with varying colors. Her black and white graces exhibit an added emotional depth and visual symbolism as they caress one another. The series, along with her sculptural works, is currently on view in her solo exhibition, “Here and Now” at Ricco Maresca Gallery, New York.

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