Herakut Portray Displaced People in New Exhibition, “Displaced Thoughts”

by CaroPosted on

German artists Jasmin Siddiqui and Falk Lehmann, aka “Herakut,” (covered here) have traveled all over the world to paint murals and exhibit their drippy, figurative paintings. Through recent social projects, they’ve shared experiences which have provided the inspiration for their current exhibition, “Displaced Thoughts”. On view at the studio and work space of Urban Nation, the exhibition paints a picture of “displaced” individuals due to persecution, conflict, and human rights violations. Herakut sheds a light on these people and the organizations designed to help them in the Middle East, Europe and Africa with new paintings, photographs and installations. They compliment this international statement with a new mural as well, titled “If I knew the world ends tomorrow, I would plant an apple tree today.” The piece portrays a young, dirt-stained mother, caressing her children with the title translated into different languages that fans were invited to submit to the artists’ Facebook page. Herakut strongly believe in art’s ability to create equality, by acting as a stage for people to express themselves and exchange ideas. Although some of the work in the show can be difficult to look at, it projects an important message about the power of communication and unification. Take a look at more images of the show below.

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