Carlo Fantin’s New Hand-Cut Paper Works, “U Have 2 Name Him Jesus #Annunciation”

by CaroPosted on

Italian artist Carlo Fantin (featured here) uses the Catholic imagery from his devout upbringing as a metaphor for contemporary rituals. In particular, his hand-cut paper works address our unrelenting use of social media, where he likens bloggers and the media to shepherds whom we follow like a flock of sheep. His current exhibition, “U Have 2 Name Him Jesus #Annunciation” at Mercury 20 in Oakland, CA continues this play on religious iconography. Using only a craft knife, Fantin meticulously cuts tiny pieces of acid free construction paper to create abstract portraits of these “modern day saints.” The lace-like designs reference stained glass windows he remembers from his church-going days, specifically The Basilica di San Marco in Venice, Italy. Fantin shares, “At a very close look the piece seems to be abstract, when you step back the image comes to life. In the same way people experience others differently at different distances; viewers can perceive the subjects in my art through their own experiences, and wonder and speculate about the meaning behind the piece.” Take a look at some of the works in his exhibition below, courtesy of the artist.

“U Have 2 Name Him Jesus #Annunciation” by Carlo Fantin is now on view at Mercury 20 through June 20th.

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