“1010” Paints Dreamy, Vortex-Like Murals in Fondi, Italy

by CaroPosted on

German street artist “1010” turns buildings into dreamy, bottomless pits of color with his murals. His two most recent, titled “Enter the Vortex”, are part of the international street art festival Memorie Urbane in Fondi, Italy. They represent his signature style of layering colors two dimensionally to create a 3D optical illusion that tricks the eye.  The result turns something beautiful and mesmerizing out of blank, unattractive spaces. Colorful shapes take on the form of strange animals and other various compositions that leave the viewer to ponder the inexplicable. 1010’s ability to duplicate such meticulously painted shapes is equally organic and mathematical. They are emotive in their simplicity. In addition to his walls, 1010 also exhibits similiar abstract paintings, and has a concurrent exhibition at Backside Gallery in Marseille, “Mise en Abyme”. Take a look at 1010’s murals, and some of his most recent works below, courtesy of the artist.

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