Tristan Eaton, How & Nosm, and Cyrcle Collaborate on New Walls in Brooklyn

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Tristan Eaton with part of his collaborative wall with Cyrcle.

Tristan Eaton (HF Vol. 34) is such a versatile painter, his collage-like murals often include a combination of typography, realistic portraiture, illustration, and patterns — all rendered freehand with spray paint. His ability to mix and match various styles within a single, cohesive image lends his work well to collaborations, like the ones he completed over the course of the past week with fellow street artists Cyrcle and How & Nosm in Brooklyn.

Though Cyrcle’s work is typically clean and design-oriented and How & Nosm’s overflows with monochromatic, whimsical characters, each artist duo found a way to meld their compositions with that of Eaton’s on two perpendicular walls on either side of the same building. While Eaton’s wall with Cyrcle is blue-hued and futuristic, his piece with How & Nosm features the coiled outline of a snake jam-packed with dozens of multicolored designs. Hi-Fructose stopped by the walls just as the artists had wrapped up their painting process. Check out our photos below.

All photos taken by the author.

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