Eclectic Sculpture and Installation Art by John Breed

by CaroPosted on

Rainbow-colored mannequin legs, animal bones, skulls, and gold- these are just a few of the materials used in John Breed’s eclectic installations. If his choice of medium sounds frenzied, it might stem from his creative background. Now based in the Netherlands, Breed received training from a calligraphy master in Kyoto, Japan, before he moved to New York to take on graffiti, paint frescos in Rome, and study landscape painting in China. A world traveler and natural born experimenter, every piece that Breed creates is a culmination of his extensive skill set. Last year, his whimsical installation “Show Salon Breuninger” caught the art world’s attention when he installed 145 mannequin legs in a German shoe salon. Most recently, he’s exhibited silver-plated animal skeletons at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York. Breed has also acquired a unique sense of humor that he injects into his art, balanced with more serious undertones. His latest sculpture, “Flim Flam”, is titled after a slang word for money business. It features a real monkey skeleton in a bird cage, representing how we are all somehow trapped. It’s a warning not to be wasteful of the time that is given to us. Breed offers more personal insight behind his art at his website. Take a look at some of his other works below.

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