On View: Crystal Wagner’s “Fall” at the University of Tennessee

by CaroPosted on

She’s been dubbed as “the artist who can work anywhere”, and this is especially true of Crysal Wagner’s most recent installation, “Fall”. It can be found inside the campus of University of Tennessee, 4 stories of blue cascading down the school’s Art & Architecture building. “Fall” is exactly 60 feet tall, but its flowing mesh, made of party table clothes, chicken wire, and screen printing, feels almost never ending. (For more on her curious materials, read our features here.) It continues down to the first floor and flows through the glass windows of the Ewing Gallery, the site of its base. Wagner found inspiration both inside and out of this location, where architecture students are challenged every day to consider their surroundings. In her own words, “My current installation is a hybrid between the synthetic man made materials that surround us and the natural landscapes that populate the Earth. Plastic falls inside, like water.” Take a look at photos of “Fall” below, courtesy of the artist.

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