On View: Curiot’s “Down The Rabbit Hole With Neon Lights” at FFDG and New Mural in San Francisco

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Based in Mexico City, Curiot (featured in HF Vol. 29) creates phantasmagoric paintings where deity-like monsters traverse the clouds. The silhouettes of tiny people floating in their wake reveal that human beings look like mere playthings in comparison. Last weekend, Curiot debuted his latest solo show, “Down the Rabbit Hole with Neon Lights,” at San Francisco’s FFDG, as well as a downtown mural curated by Fifty24SF, another local gallery. According to FFDG, the new paintings in Curiot’s exhibition allude to the rapid pace of technology and the consequential environmental pollution. His creatures travel through a mysterious continuum to attempt to reach the “vortex of souls,” only to get sucked into the past where they must confront their previous wrongdoing.

Photos courtesy of Brock Brake.

Curiot with curator Rachel Ralph.

Installation view of FFDG.

Mural in downtown San Francisco:

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