Preview: “Sexes” Group Show at Rehs Contemporary

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Timothy W. Jahn

While many cultures across the world have historically acknowledged the existence of more than two genders, our society is slowly coming to view gender as a spectrum rather than a binary. With the trans movement gaining visibility and Facebook offering users over 50 gender identity options to choose from for their profiles, it’s a ripe opportunity to have discussions about what gender identities, roles, and stereotypes truly mean. In this spirit, Rehs Contemporary in New York is preparing for their group show “Sexes,” opening April 18. The gallery invited a large selection of artists to create works that probe the concept of gender and how it plays out in day-to-day life as well as in our imaginations. Some deconstruct it altogether, while others place feminine and masculine imagery under a microscope to examine how these categories shape our worldview.

Kevin A. Moore

Elena Green

Lynne Garlick

Catherine Acosta

Jonathan Ramon Frometa Vasquez

Anthony Waichulis

Omar Rodriques Jr.

Jay Davenport

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