On View: Gauntlet Gallery’s 12 x 12 Group Show

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Emilio Villalba

Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco recently debuted their third annual 12 x 12 group show, in which each artist was given an identical surface to create the work of their choice. With over fifty artists in the show, the exhibition featured a wide variety of works in different media. From David Cooley’s kaleidoscopic, highly textured works to Dan-Ah Kim’s sunset-hued illustrations, the show offers a large range of aesthetics. Check out some of the works below, or see the show in person through April 18.

Feature artists include: 13fngrs, Adam Caldwell, Adam Ziskie, Akira Beard, Alec Huxley, Ali Ozer, Allan Innman, Arabella Proffer, Brian Donnelly, Brin Levinson, Bryan Schnelle, Charlie Immer, Christopher Blackstock, Conrad Roset, Dan-ah Kim, Daryll Pierce, David Blake, David Cooley, David Natale, David Slone, Delfin Finley, Duffyleg, Emilio Villalba, Famous When Dead, Hilary White, Ian Reynold, Jackie Andrea, Jason Thielke, Johannah O’Donnell, Justin Hopkins, Ken Flewellyn, Kieran Collins, Kieth Carter, KiSung Koh, Kohshin Finely, Kyle Stewart, Lie, Marat Danilyan, Marcos LaFarga, Martine Johanna, Melanie Alves, Michael McConnell, Mike Bell, Monty Guy, Phil Noto, Rebecca Adams, Robert Bowen, Ryan Allen, Sean Newport, Sean Norvet, Skibs, TLTV, Tony Philippou, Tracy Piper, Wednesday Kirwan, Wiley Wallace, and Zofia Bogusz.

David Cooley

Dan-ah Kim

Zofia Bogusz

Robert Bowen

Ken Flewellyn

Famous When Dead

Delfin Finley Rio

Brian Donnelly

Alec Huxley

Adam Ziskie

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