Preview: “Undeniable” Group Show at DAX Gallery

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F. Scott Hess

The title of DAX Gallery’s upcoming exhibition “Undeniable” refers to the undeniable bond between its artists- Odd Nerdrum, Rebecca Campbell, F. Scott Hess, Luke Hillestad, David Molesky, Michael Harnish, Julio Labra, Averi Endow, and Corbin Ferguson. Whether directly or indirectly, each has influenced the other at some point during their careers. For instance, Norwegian figurative painter Odd Nerdrum mentored Luke Hillestad and David Molesky separately, during their stays in Europe. Often, their subjects appear from another time and place, as in Rebecca Campbell’s ethereal Ophelia or Luke Hillestad’s Ancient Greek-inspired figures. Hot blazing fires, rushing bodies of water, or a sky lit by lightning build a dramatic atmosphere between them. Even such an every day scene as Averi Endow’s portrait of a baby sleeping has a moody quality. Strung through each unique narrative, spanning themes of death, kinship, love, loss and wilderness, there is a connecting thread. “Undeniable” opens at DAX Gallery on March 28th and runs through May 15th.

F. Scott Hess

Odd Nerdrum

Luke Hillestad

Luke Hillestad

Rebecca Campbell

Corbin Ferguson

Julio Labra

David Molesky

Averi Endow

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