Preview: Pixel Pancho’s “Memory Of Our Life” at StolenSpace Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Known for his retro-futuristic murals, Italian artist Pixel Pancho has a show coming up at London’s StolenSpace Gallery on March 12 titled “Memories of Our Life.” DIY, steampunk-inspired robots are a common motif in Pancho’s street art, which we previously covered on the blog here. For his exhibition, he will transform one of StolenSpace’s galleries into an immersive installation that will transport viewers into the world of his surreal automatons. With his latest work, Pancho says he is exploring man’s impulse to play god. Check out some teasers below and stay tuned for an update on the installation once it’s complete.

Street art:

Montreal, Canada


Dunedin, NZ


Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

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