New Murals by VHILS for Lebasse Projects Contrast Series

by CaroPosted on

Photos by Birdman

Portugese artist VHILS recently teamed up with Lebasse Projects to create two new murals located in LA’s Chinatown district. The murals are part of their ongoing Contrast Series, which aims to build on the cultural value of local areas and honor their roots. In this behind-the-scenes video, VHILS comments on how images made for Chinatown’s community have a broader significance. “This idea of creating by destroying is, in the end, inherent to all human beings… even the most beautiful poem destroys the white paper.” He first covers the wall with antique photographs, followed by a layer of white paper and then chips away to reveal the image underneath. VHIL’s murals are in a place where history is also recycled and repurposed- Chinatown’s swapmeet, located on 837 N Spring Street (facing N New High St). The second and larger mural can be found at 759 N Spring Street.

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