Preview: “Inflorescence” by Kari-Lise Alexander at Distinction Gallery

by CaroPosted on

Seattle based artist Kari-Lise Alexander’s beauties have a norse-like quality true to her Scandinavian roots. They get lost in daydreams in her show “Inflorescence”, opening Valentine’s Day at Distinction gallery in Escondidio, CA. The title refers to the clusters of flowers they wear, drawn in a style inspired by the Norwegian folk art of rosemaling. Like these complicated twists of branches, her girls seek out and embrace eachother for comfort, melancholy in spite of their prettiness. Some float like ghosts in shallow pools of water, recalling Shakespeare’s tragic heroine Ophelia. Through carefully placed motifs and delicate details, Alexander’s images bloom and wither as we follow her subjects’ emotional story.

“Inflorescence” by Kari-Lise Alexander opens at Distinction Gallery on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.



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