Daniel Ramos Obregón’s Wearable Porcelain Sculptures

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Daniel Ramos Obregón’s work combines sculpture and fashion design to create unusual accoutrements. The artist’s latest series of wearable porcelain pieces, “Outrospection,” visualizes the idea of out-of-body experiences with life-size sculptures of body parts that project from their wearer’s anatomy. Obregón collaborated with dancer Lukasz Przytarski, who modeled the pieces, and photographer Jorge Perez Ortiz on a minimalist photo shoot that shows his work in action.

The concept of “Outrospection” was inspired by philospher Roman Krznaric’s writings about the self. “He proposes that in order to know oneself one must live towards the outside, it is [through] experiencing life that one discovers and shapes oneself,” writes Ramos Obregón on his website. The pieces become a metaphor for the mask we project to the outside world and the ways the reactions we get from others shape the identities we take on.

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