Preview: “The Ballasted Frequencies” at Maxwell Colette Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Opening February 28 at Maxwell Colette Gallery in Chicago, “The Ballasted Frequencies” is a diverse group show featuring paintings with a psychedelic bend. Artists like Dima Drjuchin (whom we featured in HF Vol. 32), Stacey Rozich (HF Vol. 27), Max Kauffman, Cannon Dill, and many others will be showing new paintings inspired by illustration, folk art, and other traditionally lowbrow genres. According to curator Ian “Hydeon” Ferguson, “Ballasted frequencies are heavy cerebral waves of narrative perceptions riding on analogous thought frequencies. These wavelengths are comprised of deeper visual energy conceived in the hull of the mind’s eye.” The idea echoes the trippy narratives that are in some of the works. Take a look at our preview below.

The full artist line-up includes: Adrian Landon Brooks, Andrea Joyce Heimer, Angela Fox, Billy Sprague, Brett Flanigan, Cannon Dill, Dima Drjuchin, Gentleman’s Game, Hydeon, Max Kauffman, Randi Drozd, Sentrock, Stacey Rozich, Tina Lugo, and Uriel Correa.

Dima Drjuchin

Dima Drjuchin

Stacey Rozich

Cannon Dill

Gentleman’s Game

Andrea Joyce Heimer

Max Kauffman

Tina Lugo

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