Preview: 2nd Annual POW! WOW! at Honolulu Museum Of Art School

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Naoto Hattori

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year for POW! WOW! Hawaii, named for the impact of its art and viewer’s reaction to it. To celebrate the first day of this leading mural festival (covered over the years here), Thinkspace Gallery has curated a group exhibition now in its second installment, “POW! WOW!: Exploring the New Contemporary Movement” at Honolulu Museum of Art School. POW! WOW! is not just an explosion of murals around the island of Oahu, but also showcases new talents in music, creative spaces, provides a lecture series, and many more events. The show’s participating artists capture this excitement in works that reflect the nature and culture that Hawaii represents. Paintings such as Chie Yoshii’s “goldfish” and So Youn Lee’s surrealistic florals that mix Anime-inspired elements feel inspired by the lush island landscape- while Tristan Eaton, Meggs, Hueman, and others give us a taste of what we can hope to see in this year’s murals. There will be an invasion of over a hundred international and local artists, including Joanne Nam (Vol. 34), Jeremy Hush, Allison Sommers, kikyz1313, Ki Sung Koh, Aaron Horkey, Christine Wu, and those featured here, Casey Weldon (Vol. 32), Naoto Hattori (first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 7), Rodrigo Luff, Tran Nguyen (Vol. 30), Mari Inukai, Yosuke Ueno, and more. Thinkspace has posted the entire roster online here.

“POW! WOW!: Exploring the New Contemporary Movement” will be on view at the Honolulu Museum of Art from February 7 to 18th.

Yosuke Ueno

Tristan Eaton

Tran Nguyen

So Youn Lee

Rodrigo Luff


Mari Inukai


Chie Yoshii

Casey Weldon

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