Freya Jobbins’ Busts Made of Plastic Doll Parts

by CaroPosted on

We are what we eat- are we also what we play with? Australian artist Freya Jobbins asks questions about modern consumerism with her strange portraits made of doll parts. Her surrealist imagination has come up with busts of pop culture icons like Batman, Bart Simpson, and self portaits made of discarded Barbie legs. Jobbins’ abstract way of seeing others is highly influenced by Italian Mannerist painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He famously painted images of gods and Roman emperors made up of objects like vegetables, fruits, and flowers. While very amusing, there’s an incredible amount of detail and thought that goes into Jobbins’ pieces. She shares, “The irony of my plastic works is that I take a material that was created to be touched, and I make it untouchable as an artwork.”

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