On View: “It Came from a Pine Box” by John Jacobsmeyer at Gallery Poulsen

by CaroPosted on

The subjects of Brooklyn based painter John Jacobsmeyer live in a pine-wooded virtual realm. His childhood memories of building clubhouses with scrap wood were realized later in life at a struggling artist. “It Came from a Pine Box”, his solo on view at Gallery Poulson in Denmark, blends what was make-believe with reality. Set in the sterile environment of a pine box, Jacobsmeyer reveals what happens behind teenagers’ closed doors. We find them playing video games, reading comics, and surfing the internet; typical hobbies made fantastic against a wooden backdrop. Perhaps his most fantastic piece is “Zombie Senate”, a hall of zombie and skeleton politians whose choas permeates their boxed confines. Where sleeping in a “pine box” can be a metaphor for death, Jacobsmeyer presents us with lively images that are captivating and excruciatingly executed, down to the last splinter.

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