Preview: “Cut It Out!” at Urban Nation Berlin

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Monkey-Bird Crew

Guest curated by photographer Henrik Haven and author Olly Walker, Urban Nation Berlin’s upcoming group show, “Cut It Out!”, explores the history and current state of stencil art. The exhibition opens on January 31 at Urban Nation’s headquarters and features well-known street artists such as Sten & Lex, Jeff Aerosol, Above, Aiko, C215, M-City, and many others.

Since its beginnings, stencil art has been used as a political medium because it enables artists to spread messages quickly and efficiently. “Cut It Out!” has its share of politically outspoken work, but poses the question of how the style has evolved in the age of rapid information sharing. In addition to the gallery show, many of the exhibiting artists are currently working on new installations and street pieces in Berlin to celebrate the legacy of this populist art form.

Jana & JS


Sten and Lex






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