Preview: “Freaks and Americana” Group Show at CHG Circa

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Brandi Milne

This Saturday, CHG Circa kicks off 2015 with a group show that celebrates, in essence, the dream of starting anew in “Freaks and Americana.” The show welcomes newcoming artists to the gallery like Carol Liu alongside regulars Brandi Milne, Shag, Ron English, Tom Bagshaw, Yosuke Ueno, and Melissa Forman, featured here. Their pieces edge on the verge of odd, but also have the classic innocence of vintage circuses and their personalities. No character could be more representative than the clown, as depicted by Ron English and Carol Liu, whose cotton candy world compliments those like Brandi Milne’s nicely. Milne’s painting takes us back to her show, “Here Inside My Broken Heart”, where she filled her landscapes with circus tents and amusement parks. There’s a combination of sadness and fantasy to this lifestyle that still resonates today. While the images are dreamy, the circus is a very real place where one could run away and escape reality.

“Freaks and Americana” exhibits at CHG Circa January 24 through February 7, 2015.

Carol Liu

Yosuke Ueno

Tom Bagshaw


Ron English

Melissa Forman

Annie Owens

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