Preview: New Works by Greg Eason at Space W10

by CaroPosted on

Greg Eason has created thought provoking new images for his upcoming exhibition “CLASSIC/ LUXURY / EXOTIC / ROMANCE (C/L/E/R)” at Space W10 in London, opening January 15th. He will show alongside Bristol-based artist Anouk Mercier, where together they mix-up references of the past and future. Eason’s drawings are heavy with an empty vastness as in previous works, covered here. His use of negative space to depict Romantic subjects have merged with the exoctic. Replacing the eggs and skulls is the statue of Winged Victory of Samothrace, combined with jumping dolphins and Scarlet Macaws, stripped of their brilliance by a monochromatic palette. His work is not entirely colorless, however. A portion of this exhibit will feature new work dedicated to color exploration in pencil. His artwork is meant to make the viewer slightly uneasy and displaced. To this effect, Eason escapes what is familiar inorder to have us focus on his unique symbolism.

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