Sensoree’s “NEUROTiQ” Visualizes Wearer’s Brain States with Color

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While some already consider smart phones invasive, Sensoree’s creation “NEUROTiQ” takes gratuitous sharing even further. The design studio recently debuted a new, 3D-printed and hand-knit garment that changes color according to its wearer’s brain state, essentially visualizing his or her moods and thoughts.

The jellyfish-like hat reads data from an Emotiv Epoc EEG sensor that illuminates its synapse-like bulbs according to brain activity. For example, the piece glows red when the wearer is in a deep sleep, teal green when she is relaxed, and blue when she is alert. While we doubt that sharing brainwaves will replace tweeting any time soon, “NEUROTiQ” is an innovative example of how technology and design can inform one another.

Photos by Elena Kulikova and Olivia Christina Photography.

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