Preview: “La Familia: 10 Years of Thinkspace” Group Show

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Kwon Kyung-yup

In ten years, Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City has accumulated quite the family- over 100 artists strong. Commemorating their 10th anniversary, opening January 10th, their artists will come together for an unprecedented group show. Featured here are contributions by Troy Lovegates, So Youn Lee, Keita Morimoto, Scott Listfield, Mark Dean Veca (Vol. 23), Dalek aka James Marshall (Vol. 15), Brett Amory (Vol. 20), Ryan Hewett, Kwon Kyung-yup (Vol. 24), Henrik Aa. Uldalen (Vol. 24 cover artist) and Sarah Joncas. They will show alongside several artists featured on the pages of Hi-Fructose such as Amy Sol (Vol. 5), Andrew Hem (Hi-Fructose Collected 3, recently covered here), Audrey Kawasaki (Vol. 6 & 25), Blaine Fontana (Vol. 19), Joanne Nam (Vol. 34), Josh Keyes (Hi-Fructose Collected 3 cover artist), Fuco Ueda (Vol. 31), Marco Mazzoni (Vol. 20), Sylvia Ji (Vol. 16) the list goes on… Each of their works is on a 10″x10″ panel provided by Trekell art supplies. Their art represents new trends we’ve seen this past year; for example, pushing the envelope of figurative painting, and juxtaposing somber themes with smart color choices. Check out our preview of “La Familia: 10 Years of Thinkspace” below.

Keita Morimoto

Brett Amory

Troy Lovegates

Mark Dean Veca

So Youn Lee

Scott Listfield


Ryan Hewett

Sarah Joncas

Henrik Aa. Uldalen

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