Stephen Eichhorn’s Vibrant, Large-Scale Plant Collages

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Stephen Eichhorn spends hours sifting through vintage magazines and cutting out photos of plants. Especially enthralled with cacti and succulents at the moment, Eichhorn frankensteins the flora into colorful arrangements that would rival even the most manicured gardens. The saturated colors of his source imagery make for vibrant, unusual bouquets. Eichhorn pays as much attention to the background as the imagery itself, frequently mounting his collages on metal or ombre paper. While flowers are his focus, Eichhorn initially gained online popularity when he began posting the cat collages he created in his downtime on Tumblr. Check out some of his recent work below. 

These tiny cut-outs eventually make up one of Eichhorn’s collages.

Installation of Eichhorn’s previous exhibition at Johalla Projects.

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