Frédérique Morrel Wraps Animals in Vintage Tapestry

by CaroPosted on

French artist Frederique Morrel (Vol 28) breathes new life into old taxidermy. She calls it the animals’ revenge, under appreciated as a stuffed head on a wall and reborn as something to be admired. Simultaneously, the dying art of embroidery is made new and contemporary. To Morrel, her sculptures symbolize a reimagining of oppulence, bringing to mind artists Olek and Karley Feaver. Morrel’s concept may sound simple: repurposing vintage tapestry that she collects from second-hand shops and covering animals with it, but it’s not. In fact, the busts are foam sculptures pulled from her own fiberglass molds of deer, foxes, rabbits and imaginary creatures like unicorns. She shares, “These tapestries appeared to be the most accurate material to illustrate my work about modern vanities, loss of the paradise and rebirth in a better world.” For more photos of her work, check out our studio visit here.

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