Jeremy “Tackyshack” Jackson Makes Magic of Winter’s Mundane

by CaroPosted on

Jeremy “Tackyshack” Jackson is a light painter living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where his yard is now covered with snow and pond is iced over. We first shared his fantastical imagery back in January. Tackyshack’s dedication to light painting photography in the past year is inspiring. He’s seeing something that isn’t there, like a Christmas tree in his studio, and yet is all around us. His photos featured here take advantage of the winter ho-hum. He takes his inspiration from the patterns that exist in nature, which he collects and does his best to recreate with a little trial and error. His toolkit includes lit up trees at various exposures, mixed with laser sticks, roman candles and his own “light masks”. The final result requires tedious planning and patience, sometimes over 20 minutes behind the lens. Tackyshack calls it “magic.”

Self portrait of the artist.

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