“Wanderers, An Astrobiological Exploration,” a 3D-Printed Clothing Line that Contains Living Matter

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Pondering the hostile conditions of other planets in respect to human life, architect, designer, and MIT Media Lab professor Neri Oxman created a 3D-printed, bio-infused clothing line where intestine-like garments provide canals for synthetic bacteria to flourish. Titled “Wanderers, An Astrobiological Exploration,” the collection features four pieces each inspired by a different fundamental element for sustaining human life. The series was created in collaboration with 3D printing artist duo Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb, collectively known as Deskriptiv.

“The wearables are designed to interact with a specific environment characteristic of their destination and generate sufficient quantities of biomass, water, air and light necessary for sustaining life: some photosynthesize converting daylight into energy, others bio-mineralize to strengthen and augment human bone, and some fluoresce to light the way in pitch darkness,” wrote Oxman. A novel intersection of art, fashion, and science, “Wanderers” is an example of how creators of various disciplines can collaborate to find solutions for the environmental issues plaguing our planet.

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