Preview: “The Lost” by Joey Remmers at CHG Circa

by CaroPosted on

This Saturday, alongside Soey Milk (previewed here), CHG Circa will also be showing new oil painting and charcoal works by Joey Remmers. Remmer’s figures often appear lost, aimlessly wandering through ominous environments. For “The Lost”, he found inspiration in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, where he illustrates mysterious young girls searching for something. Aokigahara is considered one of Japan’s most haunted forests, historically associated with demons and a popular place for suicides. It is also known for its unusual quietness, felt in the stillness of Remmers’ works. His subdued pallete has the chill of death, making the journey of his subjects even more unpromising. At times, she is not shown at all and only the breadcrumbs of her passing survive- it would seem that the real story lies around the bend. Remmers shares, “The world we live in, with all its beautiful scenery, climates and mysteries always has something we too often don’t see.”

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